Wolfer Nation Terms of Agreement
Last updated on: January 27 2010
Every one on Wolfer Nation is a big boy or girl, and I agree to act like it.

Wolfer Nation is for trappers that want to talk to other fur takers and help out fur men or women. Sure, good hearted ribbing is allowed and encouraged. What is not allowed is being malicious to other members.

We will not agree on every topic, we all agree to present our perspective and the logic of or view. We will have to agree to disagree on some subjects, just shake hands go back to your corner. There is no reason to cuss to get our point across.

We will NOT get into race hate speech, don't even get close to the line on this one.
We will not post "sex" photo's or get overly sexist in our comments. The forum and chatt rooms are not a advertising outlet. If you have something coming out and want guys to know about it, fine. If you abuse this, the post will be deleted. We will not put up with jerks, so don't act like one.
You need to show your age on profile and post you make. This is so the other members know who and to what age you are and about how much experience you have in fur taking. Young members are valued.

This site is for outdoors men that legally take fur, so the content in the site, along with photo's can be graphic in nature. If this offends you, then leave. We will not put up with any anti-fur ideas or threads. If you are a Peta person or other animal activist nature Nazi originations, you are not welcome here!