About us

Who are we at Predator Control Group? First we are trappers and outdoors men that can't wait to get into the woods and enjoy nature. I'm sure, a lot like you. All Lures and Baits are made by Clint Locklear. He has been a professional trapper for a couple of decades. This real world experience goes into every lure and bait bottle. This same real world experience goes into our books and trapping videos. You will notice that we do not put our efforts in fancy labels or over the top advertising. Our efforts go into the lure and bait. We would rather spend our money on quality ingredients, instead of flash.

Our reputation is stellar, because we put the trapper or hunter first.

If your a trapper or hunter and want some great free information and instruction check out Trappingradio.com and Trappingradio2.com this is our trapping, snaring, hunting and red blooded freedom based American topics.  You will also find hours and hours of Clint trapping and helping other on his YouTube channel...wolfernation.

Lastly we are a small family ran business, we do not have office workers, Clint still traps, makes the lures and everything else that makes a business work. Sometimes Clint is hard to reach, due to phone traffic or being nipple deep in barrel of something that stinks. Like I said we are a family small business, and family comes before money.  So before and after business hours ....Monday threw Friday ....8 EST to 12 and 1 EST to 5 EST Clint picks up the phone if he can. I'm saying this so if you call after hours, weekend or sometimes during business hours, and no one picks up, it is not that we do not care about you. There is only one Clint and only so much time during the day to get everything done. After hours and the weekend is family time at Predator Control Group.  We hope you understand.