• Sweet Corn oil for deer, Hogs and Bear

Deer go crazy for ripe sweet corn! They eat dry stale corn because they have no option.

You can turn stale dried corn into fresh sweet ripe corn with sweet corn oil. Where do you think the deer will go and come back too?

Easy to use, last a long time, rain resistant. Smells just like sweet corn at a picnic on the 4th of July.

Sweet Corn Oil come in a easy to use 8 oz squirt bottle. You can get the sweet corn advantage three ways.

1. You can squirt on dry corn and turn it into a pile of sweet corn. So simple, and deer can't get enough sweet corn,

2. You can put on your boots and leave a sweet corn oil slick in the woods as you walk in. The deer focus on the trail of sweet corn and not you!

3. You can also shoot some on a tree, stump or bush to focus the deer on the place you need them to have a successful hunt. The fire up the grill!

Don't miss the deer you have wanting for years, order yours today. Both bucks and does love sweet corn.

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Sweet Corn oil for deer, Hogs and Bear

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