• FLAT TAIL CALL, beaver lure

Are you looking for a change up from normal castor beaver lures?

Flat Tail Call  beaver lure works year round, north and south.

Combination food lure with a slight hint of castor that brings in the castor.

Proof is in the results, Clint Locklear used Flat Tail Call too catch over 400 beaver in one year on a river line. It is a real food/castor lure that drive beaver crazy with curiosity. The castor in this lure is just enough to be a fixative to keep the oils and plant extracts kicking on your beaver line.

This lure has been a favorite of many beaver trappers over 20 years. Middle of the road beaver lures don't stay on the market very long, Flat Tail Call is not one of those milk toast boring beaver lures.

Flat tail call has a unique minty odor that leads the beaver down an exciting path to investigate your beaver sets. It holds up very well in Cold temperatures and down pours of rain.

A favorite of MeatTrapper, you can check out his YouTube channel and see why he depends on this beaver lure.

If your serious about catching beaver, add Flat Tail Call to your cart and start pulling them in.

2oz bottle

-Trappers Tip-

Where is the best place to trap beaver and put the beaver lure to catch more beaver

Not too sound like pecker head, but set where you see and find beaver sign. Beaver are like little tanks and leave a lot of sign. You will first see beaver dams, tracks, cut trees and beaver slides. Beaver are normally easy to see sign for. I know it sound super simplistic to say set traps on sign, but....

I have given a lot of personal trapping instructions, trapping schools and even schools for  Government trappers. I can tell you that most guys are good at seeing sign, but then do something strange. A lot of times a trapper will see exactly where the beaver is traveling or coming up on the bank. Then they will construct a trap set for beaver to the side or set up a feature that will have to pull a beaver off of its natural and normal path way. Most of the best beaver trappers I have ever seen, always catch the beaver on their normal path ways. Then do not to get the beaver to go where the trapper wants the beaver to be. They let the beaver pick the location, then figure out how to catch the beaver.


1.You see a natural beaver castor mound, then go to the other side of the creek and make you castor mound set.

2. Trapper see's a beaver slide, and makes another one next to it.

3. Trapper see's a worn out beaver trail, then moves over several feet and makes a castor mound because it is simple to block up because of ground shape or trees.

4. Trapper sees the beaver crossover in the middle of a dam, then makes a castor mound on the bank next to beaver dam.

I think you can see a pattern here, don't try and force a beaver. This will work sometimes, sure, but for a lot of beaver it will not.  Work on building you skill sets to catch beaver where they tell you to set the trap.

Now where to place your beaver lure for maximum results. Simple is always best, more complex concepts have a way of breaking down in the real world. The goal of a beaver lure is too line up a beaver over or through your trap.

A simple rule to follow 18" from you trap. If you are setting a beaver slide, put lure 18 inches up on the bank in the beaver slide. Same goes for castor mound sets. A lot of trappers put the lure right at the waters edge. Beaver will come to it for sure. But, they may stall out and not be over foothold or through you body grip trap. This is a bummer, but common.

So Keep in mind beaver lure is best used as a medium to get a beaver to travel over or through you trap or snares. Think of it this way. If you someone places an object in a doorway, you just bend over and pick up the object to see what it is. Now if the object is placed 5 feet inside the door, you have to walk through the door to reach the object. In this example, the door way is your trap.

by Clint Locklear

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FLAT TAIL CALL, beaver lure

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