• Federales Bait Solution

Federales Bait Solution

By mixing your own Federales Bait yourself, you will save $83.00 per gallon.

This is the same exact formula Clint Locklear makes his Federales Bait with that is used for Coyotes, bobcats, fox, big boar raccoon and Government trappers that use M'44s. This is a time tested north to south and east to west trapping bait that has became the favorite bait of serious fur takers.Works great on dirt hole and Flat sets, plus a killer on predator toy sets like T-bone and grab and dye sets. 

You mix into a gallon of your ground meat, you can use what you have, beaver, bobcat, muskrat, mice, gophers, ground hogs, beef, pork....what ever you have. You could even grind up a gallon of bologna with this bait solution and go catch coyotes, it is that good. Federales Bait Solution has preservative already in it. Mix the solution in your meat. You should use an oversize container or open the lid every day for a week to let your bait gas off till the preservative finishes its work.

$29.00 comes in 16oz bottle.

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Federales Bait Solution

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