What is the best catfish bait? One that catches fish day after day and in all seasons and water temperatures!

* Tired of wasting good money on cheap catfish bait but catching very, very few fish? Remember you get what you pay for. Super cheap baits get super cheap results. Quality does cost a little bit more but, why are you fishing, to save a few bucks or catch fish?

*FREEZER FILLER CATFISH BAIT is not a ground thick soup mix, it stays on your hook. It is easy to use. No special hook gizmos needed. 

*This bait is loaded with amino acids, essential oils and plant extracts that cause catfish to bite. Even under water after a few hours, the oils , tastes and smells keep rocking. This is not the case with cheap products. 

Want to use a catfish bait you can count on, then you have try Freezer Filler Catfish Bait. I bet just like you, I was tired of using store bought catfish bait and catching nothing or very little. This SUCKS! So Clint Locklear...long time coyote and bobcat lure maker.....decided to build an off the hook catfish bait that would catch freezer loads of fish. How can I say this, because over 2 years of experiments, testing, making better bait, making that bait better,  more testing, catching more fish, FREEZER FILLER is the end result. From the bank I can keep the freezer stocked with sweet tasting catfish. With FREEZER FILLER you can catch catfish spring, summer, fall and all winter long, even with cold water temps. That is a big statement, but I can say this because I have done this from the bank of the Tennessee river. Not from a boat with the perfect locations for catfish or over stocked ponds, but from the bank!

FREEZER FILLER CATFISH BAIT does not smell like average baits on the market, easy to use and last forever. It comes in a 16 oz size jar. easy to use, open and reseal.  This is not for human consumption.

I know in the fishing industry with all its million dollar marketing tricks, massive messaging, over blown statements, big name spokespeople, fancy labels, the fishermen gets tiered of the over marketing. You just want to catch more fish.  I make this bait in house, with our own hands. It takes 3 weeks to finish a batch. I am not trying to be in thousands of stores. I can,t make that much, nor want to. What I want to do is have a bait I can personally use and catch catfish. Plus I want to share this with the other fishermen that see through the Glossy labels and loud music marketing. I want to get this into the hands of folks that want to fill the cooler and have fun with their kids on a nice sunny weekend.  Part of the fun of fishing is catching fish! If kids never see fish they get bored. FREEZER FILLER CATFISH BAIT will help your little fishing partner from getting bored and wanting to in the house on the computer.

As good as FREEZER FILLER CATFISH BAIT is, lets be realistic, our bait can not catch fish that are not there. So if your not getting hits with in 30 min or so, move! If the fish are there, you will know it with FREEZER FILLER CATFISH BAIT.


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