• Bait Solution for coyotes, fox and bobcats

Save $93.00, on your coyote, fox, bobcat bait.

Easy to mix, great results on your trap line.

Use deer, beaver, ground hog, mice, pocket gopher, beef, pig or fish.

All Trappers like to save money, who's in.. This mixture is for 1 gallon of your own fresh or tainted meat. In a week you will have a top notch bait that is as good and better than most baits you can buy in the trapping industry.If you buy this quality of a bait in a gallon lot, you would spend $100 to $112. Plus is you are a member of the Fur Brigade, you will also get another 10 % off. Better than saving some cash is the coyotes, fox and bobcats you will catch.

Make sure you drop some Bait Solution in your cart, and grin with your kick butt cheap costing bait this season.

***Ok guys here is the deal. Our Bait Solution is loaded with Sodium Benzoate. For 95% of you this will work fine. There will be a few that has some strong or off the wall bacteria in your meat. You will have to add a cup of Sodium Benzoate to you gallon of meat. 

How who you know if you have to add more Sodium Benzoate to you mixture. It take Sodium Benzoate 3-7 days to preserve meat. So make sure you open the lid and let the gas out. This is called burping the bait. If you are still getting gas and need to burp you bait after 10 days, add the extra Sodium Benzoate.  For most trappers, this is not needed. 

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Bait Solution for coyotes, fox and bobcats

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