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Coyotes just like dogs like to smell other k-9's butts, use this to catch more coyotes.

Booty Call coyote gland is super fresh, not a rotten gland lure, that does not smell like coyote butt.

Great lure for you too use year round and for you to trap more coyotes with your traps.

BOOTY CALL coyote gland is a true fresh coyote gland lure.We do not add fillers like foot pads, ear glands, reproductive glands, livers or other organs to bulk up volume of lure to create more profit.  Now let me ask you as a coyote trapper a question, when is the last time you have seen a K-9 go up and smell the ears or feet of another K-9? That is why we only use the booty anal glands, a coyote will try and shove his or her noise into the back side of another coyote to see who they are and where they have been.

If you want to catch more adult coyotes, a fresh gland is a must have for you to use.

Using a great fresh coyote gland lure is a must have on a coyote trappers line. Coyotes love the body odor of another coyote. Adult Alpha male coyotes and Alpha female coyotes are a sucker for a natural looking trap set and a pure fresh booty filled coyote gland to calm their nerves. So give them what they like, and that's BOOTY CALL coyote gland

2oz bottle

Too start using a great fresh coyote gland lure on your trap line, add BOOTY CALL to you cart and get producing more coyotes.

-Trapping Tip-

What is the best coyote gland lure and how best to use coyote gland lure?

What is the purpose of a gland lure? The main reason a good gland lure is so powerful for a coyote trapper is simple. Coyotes are highly interested in the body odor and smelling butts, just like any dog does.

You have  different kinds of coyote gland as a trapper to choose from. One is fresh, one is glands that are rotted down and gland lures that have all kinds of oils added to them. All of these gland lure can attract coyotes. But only one of these do what most trappers are looking for.

Glands that are rotted down, well smell like something that is rotted down. The real value of the gland odor is destroyed from bacteria as the tissue rots down. This is a very old school way to handle glands, simple to deal with. Keep in mind that it might as well be meat  or any other tissue. This rotted down gland was used and is used more as a base of a traditional lure, but misses the true point of using a gland lure.

You will find more gland lures on the market that might be fresh or rotten, but a lot of oils are added to them. Sometimes these lure do get the attention of a coyote. The real question a trapper has to grapple with is this still a gland lure. I'm not saying gland lures that are blasted with other products is bad, some are a great lure, but they are no longer a true gland lure. More does not mean better!

Fresh gland lures like BOOTY CALL COYOTE GLAND LURE are hitting on the natural pathways a coyote thinks, acts and reacts. Fresh gland lure smells, well.... like the ass of a coyote, not a tradition coyote lure. It smells like ass because that is what it is, anal glands. You will loose this if fillers...non anal glands... are forced into a bottle to make more money. Once you get away from fresh, the reactions of the coyote can be alerted or alarmed. Fresh when it comes to coyote glands is best. You can test this out on your on line and you will see what I'm saying is correct.

What is the best way to use coyote glands on your trap lines?

I personally don't do any urine post type sets myself, but know trappers that have good look with them. A urine post sets can be made with urine only or urine and gland lure or just gland lure on a stick, grass clump or a dropping. So you can smear some gland lure on a object then add your urine. You can also just use the gland lure on a object. Good gland lure will get the same reactions as urine, but last longer at the set for you.

The why I use coyote gland lure at my sets, is for adding the body odor of a coyote plus confidence to my trap sets. How I use it is super simple. One I add my bait and lure in a dirt hole for example is to drop some gland lure down the hole with the bait and lure, but add glands last. A coyote will have no problems knowing a fresh gland is in the hole along with bait and lure.

There you have it, not complicated but effective.

by Clint Locklear

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Coyote Gland, BOOTY CALL, coyote lure

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