LIQUID MICE is a natural bait for all coyotes, fox, bobcats and the big bad wolf. Study after study shows that mice are a major part of these predators diet. They hunt, chase and eat them everyday. They also have no fear from mice. This is why LIQUID MICE is such a deadly massive killer bait for predators. Also a great change-up for those hard to catch predators that may be shy from other smells. LIQUID Mice is not exactly fresh, but the perfect aged smell that coyotes and fox go head over heels crazy for. This is not a rotten junk smell that some try and market. This process of taking mice, collecting and concentrating the mouse odor is not simple or quick. Rotten stinky unreliable liquid mice products are a lack in understanding of the process to get all of that almost fresh mouse smell into a bottle. The results of our LIQUID MICE will show you the proof, with the piles and piles of fur in your fur shed from using it on your own trap line.

LIQUID MICE is great on dirt holes and flat sets, A little goes a long way at each set. One neat trick is to soak Small T-Bones in LIQUID MICE, let all that mice goodness soak into the bone, and you will have a fast, easy deadly flat set for predators.

LIQUID MICE can also be a handy and effective trap set refresher that will not turn off any animal when it mixes with other lures or bait that where in the dirt hole or on the flat set from the original set . If your not sure about the lure odor on the set from age or bad weather,add a little LIQUID MICE and you are good too go!

LIQUID MICE is also a trailing scent for coyotes and fox. Mice will always grab the attention of a predator. Nothing in this product will cause a coyote or fox to turn on its flight or fight radar and go on high alert. All you have to do is lead the coyote or fox right over your trap with a line of LIQUID MICE. No need to treat this like cheap fish oil, because it is not. Don't waste this valuable product by squirting big shots leading to your set. You just need a 3-4 drops per foot. This is handy to get a coyote, fox or wolf to slow down in front of you sets, which can sometimes be the hardest thing to do.

LIQUID MICE comes in 16 oz.

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