• ENRAGER 2, beaver lure

This is a very different style of beaver lure. It is very different than our Enrager Lure. Our Enrager lure is a paste, the Enrager 2 is a liquid that comes in 8oz flip top bottles. Enrager 2 is a four part call lure for beaver. It has a strong sweet castor base, enraging additive, curosity component and a powerful food lure after-bite. You can use this lure on castor mounds, slides and even reactivate old beaver slides. You only need 4-6 drops per set, and there are a lot of 4-6 drops in 8 oz's of lure. If you looking for speed, Enrager 2 will do that for you. If you are needing to have a different odor on your beaver line, Enrager 2 will call beaver after beaver to your sets. WORKS YEAR AROUND.

Please note: this lure can only be made in summer, once the supply is out, it is out till the next year. We always try and have plenty on hand, but due to some of the massive government and ADC company orders, we do run out some years.

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ENRAGER 2, beaver lure

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